Reva Madryga

creative & maker

My name is Reva and I am an artist. It was really hard for me to initially call myself that though, as I didn’t think I fit the title. Perhaps ‘creative’ or ‘maker’ is more fitting, since that is more what I do.  I live with my stuntman husband, our little baby boy, and our kittens, in a small beach town on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.  My faith in Jesus Christ is evident in my work, and it plays an important part in my life.  If I'm not creating, you will most likely find me playing at the beach with my hilarious friends, reading books and drinking tea in my hammock, indulging the The Office and Buffy binges, dreaming about velociraptors and hammerhead sharks, thunderstorms and tornadoes, and attempting to tame my wild garden.

"Awake, awake. Clothe yourself with strength... Shake off your dust. Rise up! Free yourself from the chains on your neck Daughter Zion."
     Isaiah 52:1-2