So Thankful

I just want to write a little post about thankfulness.  I'm thankful right now for the internet world, who has been so gracious to me through my Etsy shop.  This last month I've seen new orders come in at least every other day (yesterday I had 4!), and I think it's so amazing.  When I started this home business Etsy adventure in January, I never imagined that so many strangers would like the things that I make enough to want to to spend their hard earned money on it.  I had never purchased anything on Etsy before joining, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  I figured that most of my purchases would just be from some family members or a few friends, but when I received my first order from someone I didn't know, within three days of opening my shop, I was overjoyed.  Now, most of orders come from strangers, mostly from the States too, and I couldn't be more thankful.  I'm thankful to God that he gave me the skill and talent to be able to create, and I'm thankful to my great customers who are so kind and loving!  People have put their faith in me and my work, and I've started to get lots of custom work orders.  I've started to do more research, through books, videos and blogs by other artists, to hone my craft, and be able to use my tools to the best potential.

So, to you, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for supporting me and my art, and for challenging me to do more, make more, and make better.  I have been truly blessed that I get to work from home, doing something that I love, and share it with the world.
My most recent custom order.  This was so much fun to paint!