Happy Birthday! Three Custom Birthday Cards

I'm a little behind on todays post, due to finishing up the cards above! I wanted to share them with you before I packaged them up and shipped them off to their new (interim) owner! I hope that the people she commissioned these cards for loves them! They were fun to paint, and the client gave me great ideas for what she wanted.  

If you are interested in any custom work, cards or otherwise, send me quick note HERE! I'd love to make something for you!

Let's Go To the Beach - Custom Birthday Card

If only! My friend is off to Cuba this week to celebrate his cousin's 30th birthday, and he asked me to paint up a beachy little card for her to commemorate the special day! He wanted writing in the sand, the ocean and a palm tree, with a birthday message on the front. Painting up this quick little card was making want to join their family on vacation so badly! Given the temperature outside last night was -27 (including the wind chill) when we went to bed, I could definitely use a little winter escape right about now. I'll have to live vicariously through this card in the mean time. No trips are in our future for now!