Bloggers to Watch - Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co.

I know many of you who read this little blog probably also read some other blogs too, but in case you don't, I'm starting a series on here of Bloggers to Watch. The bloggers that I'm going to profile are other creatives, entrepreneurs, and over awesome bloggers. 

Today, I'm sharing Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co. I've been reading her blog for a while now, and every post I just drink in everything she shares. Lauren writes on her blog that she is "a design and blogging resource for creative entrepreneurs" which I think is one of her best assets. I have learned so much from her, (and her husband Jake too, who shares the business with her). Today, I'm going to highlight some of my favourite posts and series from her blog, and hopefully convince you to check her out too!

Squarespace Series

I think one of my favourite series that Lauren created to share on her blog was her Squarespace series. She posted new things to learn about Squarespace once a week for a good while, and then even created a free webinar for us all working in Squarespace. Seriously, I learned SO MUCH! If you blog (or are thinking about blogging) with Squarespace, you have to check it out.

Website Design

As well as being a great blogger, Lauren also is a great website designer. She often profiles her designs on her blog, as well as her design process, which is so appreciated. Not that I'm a website designer, but I definitely appreciate her process, which helps me learn about colour and fonts, and branding. Even though her posts aren't necessarily for my blog and business, I can learn so much about how to make some cohesive branding on my own blog. I'm still learning, but it's so helpful. The Bloom Workshop she designed was so beautiful. I think it's one of my favourites! Also, did you know she does it all in 2 weeks? She dedicates 100% of her focus to one client at a time, and creates a site/brand for her clients in 2 weeks. She talks about how just does that in this post HERE.


I have not been one who's super good on Twitter. Lauren is nothing like me. She started a Twitter chat called #ellechat, which she hosts every Thursday evening. Each week has a different topic. She has covered newsletters, client experience, Twitter for business and blogging, and this coming Thursday (May 7th at 8pm EST) is all about creating a brand style guide. I highly suggest joining her for the hour chat (which goes by way too fast!). Not only will you learn from Lauren, but you'll also learn from everyone else in the chat, meet new people, and probably even gain some new followers! It's definitely worth your time and attention.

Business Info

Some of my favourite posts that Lauren shares are about business. Here's my top three business posts she's shared recently:

1. How To Be Taken Seriously as an Online Business Owner

2. Why and How to Educate your Clients

3. 7 Things My Dad Taught Me About Business


One thing I'm really hoping to be able to take soon is Lauren's Adobe Illustrator Class. After watching her webinars for Squarespace, I know that she's a great teacher, and that I would learn so much. I recently just subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which means I can no use Illustrator, something I have never touched in my life. I will be starting from scratch, and I think that she'll be able to teach me how to do so many things with this program! I've started to save up my pennies (well, nickels I guess now, since Canada has discontinued the penny) so that I can join one of her Illustrator classes soon.

I hope that I've intrigued you enough to check out Lauren. Below, I'll leave all the links for you to find her online!


All photos in this post via Elle & Co 

Do you have any bloggers that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to check them out.