Something New

Hi friends and followers!
Well, I've decided to make a blog.
I'm going to be working on it more this week, tweaking little things here and there, and slowly adding more of my personality and style into the mix.  Hopefully it will force me to draw even more everyday, and take more pictures.  Since I've gone so long with a broken DSLR, it seems like I forgot about taking pictures.  So when my husband and I purchased a new camera for a trip in February, I told myself that this would be the launching point of capturing more moments.  Unfortunately, it hasn't quite worked out that way.  Winter here was a drag, and on the nice days we were snowboarding.  Spring so far has been wet, and the few spot os sunny warm days were spent in the garden or on our bikes, forgetting to bring the camera out.  Considering this is our first year in our new home, you'd think that I'd be wanting to make these memories last, however, I haven't quite escaped the idea of not picking up the camera.  I guess my brain still thinks that I only have my phone's camera.  Instagram gets all the shutter love.
So now that I've built this blog, I have a reason and a need to be taking more pictures.  In among the behind the scenes shots of Daughter Zion Designs, I hope to be included snippits of life in the Beach (where we live and play, and never grow up!), as well as posts of inspiration from other places.  
Stay tuned!