Meet the boy

I was hoping that I would be able to introduce the husband in a little bit more of a gentler way, however since he had a little bit of an accident this week while filming a little video, I couldn't miss out on sharing it.

Josh is a professional stunt performer for tv and film (noted work: Nikita, Transporter (the TV series), The Colony, and the remake of Robocop to name a few).  

He also has a YouTube channel full of stunt videos under the personality Maddragon Stunts.  There, he films the wild and crazy stunts that go beyond the big screen.  Wednesday last week was gearing up to be another bunch of footage for one of those videos.  I was working away on orders and new designs, so our friend Kevin* set off with Josh to film.  The goal was to dive off a hill, roll/tumble aggressively down the big slope, and land in the river.  First take went great.  The second take however resulted in a little bit of under rotation, and instead of landing where he wanted to, all his weight and momentum went full force onto his shoulder.  Of course he completed the following five or so tumbles down the hill, all for the sake of the shot.  When he stood back up and walked over to Kevin, his shoulder and collar bone looked a little unnatural.  I got a quick phone call and off to the emergency we went.  Five hours later, we were home free.  Here's some pics to share the story. 

Right before the first set of X-rays.  After we found out the collar bone wasn't broken.  Yay! This means that even in spite of his profession, Josh and gone almost 26 years without ever breaking a bone!
Getting a little woozy and high on pain killers in the hospital bed.  Poor guy.  The meds were not his friend.

The doc said that his shoulder might have a permanent 'drop', with the collar bone sticking up a little bit all the time.

Here's my illegal quick snapshot of the second set of X-rays.  Security got a little feisty with me after I took this.  Although, win! They didn't make me delete it!

So now it's physio and 6 weeks of wearing a sling 24/7.  He tore the ligament between his collar bone and the AC joint in his shoulder.  The ligament is only about 1 cm long, which means no surgery to fix it, so we just have to wait it out.  The strangest thing about all of this?  I think I'm handling it worse that Josh is.  At least my body is.  I don't have sympathy pains or anything, but each time Josh is putting on his sling, or gets in a bad position and winces, I feel super faint and nauseous.  It's crazy!  I can deal with big wounds and lots of blood with him (which has happened), and that's no problem for me.  Maybe it's because I know that he must be in super extreme pain for this, because he's actually showing it.  Usually you can't even tell if anything is sore on him.  Oh well, another adventure to add to the list.

*Quick little note on adventures around town* 

If you are ever in the Georgian Bay area, our friend Kevin runs an amazing boating tour company.  Collingwood Adventure Voyages offers sunset cruises, fishing charters, sunken ship snorkelling, and star gazing explorations with his huge new telescope.  I've heard that tubing is being added to the list this year too!  He's an awesome guy with a huge love of the outdoors and wants to share the adventure with you!