A Happerly Little Visit

After 10 looooong months, I finally got to see my sister again in the flesh!  So let me introduce her to you too!

My sister is named Ali, and I love her.  Even though she's four years younger, sometimes I feel like she's the older one, mostly because she seems to be the wiser one.  It's possibly the leadership school experience she had for two years (Hillsong College), or just the fact that she seems to be more sophisticated than me, which is probably the truth.  Sometimes I feel like a slob, and she always seems put together.  
Ali, and her husband Nate, flew in on the red-eye sunday night from south Florida, where they live.  The plane was delayed, which meant that we had a pick up time of 2:30am!  The drive down to the airport was long, and very dark, but the drive home was even longer, as it included a little drop off of Josh to set (his call time was ridiculously early too!), as well as a little detour via poor navigation skills on Ali's part.  Poor girl.  She may be more sophisticated than me, but I can read a map. 
Going to bed at 5 in the morning put a little bit of a damper in the morning, so when we finally came to, going out from brunch was definitely on the list.  And not cooking or cleaning, as well as having delicious french toast and waffles makes for happy kids.  Bacon, makes for a VERY happy Ali.  I learned she even has a routine of the way she eats each piece.  Weirdo.  But cute.

Savouring the very last piece!  

 This is Nate ^!  He was way to engulfed in his breakfast to pose for the camera.

Nate's wicked talented, and wields a camera with such style.  Thankfully, he has influenced Ali to go a little bit beyond her comfort zone with style, which makes for her having such awesome clothes.  Too bad we don't live closer.  She seriously has all the best cardigans.  Funny thing on this trip though?  She stole one of mine!

Since Monday was rain, rain, rain all day, we had to cancel the plans that I had made for Ali and Nate's visit.  I had hoped that we'd be able to go out with Kevin on his boat (Ali and Nate are boat obsessed!), but it was just too cold and wet for it to be any bit enjoyable.  After a driving tour through the Beach, we headed over to the neighbouring town, and stopped in at the harbour.  We at least got to look at the boats, and grab a few pictures.

This was a hilarious moment.  As soon as I pulled up into the parking lot, it was a race between Ali and Nate to get out of the car first and snap a picture of the Terminals.  I guess they have a rule that whoever snaps the pic first gets Instagram rights.  Haha.  Oh boy.

Next up, we took a little scoot down the main street, and I was just pointing out little bits here and there, when all of a sudden Nate screamed out, "STOP!".  

This is what the emergency was.  Stop in the name of espresso.  

These two are coffee addicts.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute little cafe, and I definitely want to go back again!  Bonus, they have lactose free milk, so I don't have to settle with soy.  I'm lactose intolerant, but try to avoid soy as much as possible.

 An assortment of goodies waiting for next time.  Our tummies were just too full this trip.

 Seriously satisfied customer.

 Another bonus?  Dinosaurs!  This is practically a replica of my kitchen...these guys are scattered everywhere above my cupboards.

 This was their sign for their washrooms!!!  AHH! So amazing.

 My chai latte was seriously yum.  It'd been so long since I had one that wasn't soy milk based, so I feel like this was extra delicious.  I was happy.  Plus the afternoon spent with my sister and bro-in-law made it definitely special.

Oh my gosh.  I also realized that it's easier to get pictures of yourself when you have a photographer friend...or in Ali's case, husband.  I guess I need to drag Josh into more of this blog.  Or invest in a remote. 
Beside the Espresso Post was this old door.  Ali and Nate swarmed to it.  It was time for a quick photo shoot.  I'm sure that some of these pics will end up on Ali's blog after this busy week is done.  You should definitely hop on over to Happerly Ever After for a little visit into her life.  

She is pretty cool.  And beautiful.  Look at her work it.

Tyra would be so proud.  ANTM yo!

I love my sister.  Can't wait to spending this weekend with her again.  After the wedding Saturday, we get another whole day of relaxation at the cottage!  Father's day celebrations, as well as Grandpa's 80th!