Big News in our House!

This is a little post about my husband, Josh.  Along with pursuing a professional stunts career in the film and TV industry, Josh has extreme stunts on his mind, with heroes like Travis Pastrana and the Nitro/Red Bull team, so when this opportunity came up, there was no way that it was being turned down.
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His videos are the Pocket Bike Backflip and the Kid Swings from Crane Hook

(Below is from Josh aka MADDRAGON)

So, I know I suck at keeping people up to date about things but please read this one. To be honest, the last conversations I've had with the makers of a new show seemed no more promising than any of the other clip shows I've been on UNTIL this last email I just received. Valvoline Motor Oil and Travis Pastrana have teamed up to make a new super intense stunt show from a few of the webs coolest stunt videos including 2 of mine, pocket bike backflip and the crane stunt. Right now I possibly have the opportunity of being on the show and I could really use some support now! Go on over and check out Valvoline's YouTube channel and help vote up my 2 videos as the stunts you would like to see be amped up on the new show called "NEXTgen Stunt Amplifier"! Please share this post to AMP THIS UP!


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