Canada's Wonderland with Wonderful Friends

This past weekend, Josh and I were treated by our lovely friends, Josh and Steph, to a day on the rides of Canada's Wonderland.  It's becoming an annual tradition, as Josh get us tickets from his work.  He's such a doll to share the fun with us.  This sunday, the forecast was thunderstorms, which were supposed to be booming over our heads all day.  Thankfully, there was only about 10 minutes of thunder in the early evening, with a short spatter of rain.  The rides were only shut down for about half an hour or so, due to the thunder and lightning.  The nice part about that, was that so many attendees of the park left for the night, so we had smaller lines and shorter waits for the rides!  The same thing happened last year, although we had to wait about an hour for the torrential rain to stop.  This year the tough part of the day was the temperature.  It's been a very long and rainy spring, with only little bits of warm days, so this first weekend of summer pulled out all the stops, as the mercury rose to over 30*C.  Plus humidity.  We were pretty much melting.
Steph and cuties.
Josh and I, trying to survive the heat.
Part way through the day we tried to catch some of the mist coming off the waterfall, while finding a small patch of shade to cool off a bit.  It didn't work too well.  We were still sweaty.
Starting to melt.
An easy way to cool off?  Hit up one of the patios, which are nicely shaded.  The boys splurged for $10 beers, which they then proceeded to gurgle down to make sure that they enjoyed every single bit of that expensive Budweiser.  We couldn't believe how much this drink was compared to the case of 45 we had just bought the weekend before in Quebec for only $49!
Refreshing gold (almost literally!) drinks.
We thought that Steph should be put up on a billboard somewhere, with a thought bubble to advertise her drink.
Josh and I definitely felt the heat, and the sun enjoyed baking our skin a little bit.  We've been experimenting with less sunscreen these days, and protecting ourselves with vitamin D and coconut oil, among other things.  For being a scorcher of a day, we didn't get too badly burnt, so I was very impressed.  Josh just got a little on the face, and I got my face and shoulders.  From these pictures though, it looks like we were going to become lobsters, but I think it was a mix of some sun and overheating.  I had to have a nap on the lawn in the afternoon, because the mix of the heat, plus the shorter lines (meaning less time between rides) made for a bad combo on my tummy.  I was so nauseous  but thankfully didn't throw up.  I'm afraid that I'm losing my roller coaster riding skills too early!
So freaking hot.  I just wanted a cold pool so bad.
 Although we didn't make it onto the log ride (walking around with wet bottoms is uncomfortable and not fun) we did take the time to watch some people get soaked on the bridge overlooking the ride.  There was these few guys who stood up there for log after log going underneath them, getting absolutely drenched, but they were having the times of their lives.
Total soaker, every time.
 Josh and Steph certainly know how to make us laugh, and after dinner it was no exception.  (ps..aren't Steph's nails fabulous??? I'm always a little jealous of how neat she can do her manis.  I always manage to smudge mine somehow.  And her nails have such a beautiful shape!!  Ok, end random nail rant.)

We ended the night with Beaver Tails and a ride on the carousel.  The boys weren't so into it (I can't imagine why!) but Steph and I were pretty stoked.  Although we had planned to take pictures while riding, just as it was about to start, they made an announcement that you couldn't take pictures while it was moving, so if we wanted any, we had 5 seconds to do it before the ride started.  We were a little caught off guard, so we quickly snagged a shot of each other, and then had to put the cameras away.  Bummer.
Quick carousel shot!
Highlights of Wonderland this year?  Leviathan, such a smooth ride, with excellent height.  Bonus, sitting next to this giant guy who was hooting and hollering the whole time, totally having a blast.  We also checked out a show, Cirque Ambiante, which was amazing.  And corn dogs.  Really, you can't go wrong with corn dogs.