Reading: I'm just finishing up the last chapters of Dan Brown's newest book Inferno.  I feel like reading Brown's books is some kind of a guilty pleasure.  But I really do love them!  There's so many twists in his books, and imagination, and I like how he's managed to include 'true' facts about secret societies and  government institutions.  My favourite is how there's been glimpses into the Vatican and the Catholic church.  So much more scandal that the news releases!  Even though I have to take most of these facts with a grain of salt, because I don't know which bits of the story are the true parts, and which are fabricated, I don't care.  I just want to keep turning the pages.  Inferno has been good so far, but I'm not sure that it's my favourite of his.  We'll have to see when I finish the book completely.  Before reading this book, my favourite I think has been the Lost Symbol.  Do your imagination a favour and pick up one of his books.  They really are entertaining.

Listening to: Brookes.  All day, every day (almost...within reason).  Any time I've put music on this spring (usually when I'm in the shower, it's blasting!), it's always been either Brooke Fraser or Brooke Waggoner.  There's just something about these ladies voices lately.  Who I am kidding, it's been well over a year of these voices streaming out of my speakers.  Waggoner's new album, Originator, is definitely a step away from her older albums, but I'm still really loving it.  She just manages to create such beautiful sounds with the instruments in her band, and soothing sounds in her voice.  Brooke Fraser is another lady with a soothing voice.  She has this little bit of raspiness in her voice that I just completely fall for.  Plus, many of her songs are evidently worship songs for Jesus.  Being able to worship God through singing along with her music makes up for missing out on the kind of worship I want at church.  I definitely recommend picking up both Originator, and Brooke Fraser's Flags, or any other their older albums.  You won't be let down.

Watching: When we moved into our house, we decided to not have cable, or any TV really, besides something we can stick in the blu-ray.  After about 4 months, we decided to splurge and get Netflix.  My newest indulgence on Netflix has definitely been almost everything in their documentary section.  Currently, it's all about the prison docs.  Into the Abyss has been my top pick on the Canadian Netflix.  It's creepy and intriguing and you can't stop looking at one of the killer's eyes, no matter how much you want to look away.  It's scary to see the moments leading up to an execution.  Over on American Netflix, I've been sucked into a series by National Geographic called Lockdown.  It's an inside look into most of the maximum security prisons across The United States.  If you are interested in the secrets of gang life on the inside, prison penalties and discipline, and even the 'nicer' side of prison (if there is one) such as college graduation and family visits, I recommend watching some of the prison docs on Netflix.  Honourable mentions go to: Russia's Toughest PrisonsErasing Hate, and Aryan Brotherhood.

Making: This you'll have to see when I'm all done!! It's my first DIY project.  Not something huge, but something special that I've been wanting for a while.