Reading: I've decided to look into some of the books off the list from my high school senior english class.  It's full of classics that I love, like The Catcher in the Rye and The Hours, so I've decided to read some more off that list.  First up, and what's currently in my purse, is Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.  I'm only about one chapter in, and so far it's surprisingly good.  I've never really read any of her words before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I guess coming from a Women's Studies background, and seeing many of my feminist peers reading it, I kind of expected it to be a harder read.  Hopefully it continues to be good.

Listening to: MyChildrenMyBride's latest self titled album.  Even though the album is about a year old, it's still so good.  The songs are on point, and the sounds that they manage to create with their instruments is so unique.  They definitely throw you for a loop with random pauses that you don't expect, as well as having creepy voices whispering words of worship.  If you have the opportunity to ever see them live, I'd definitely recommend it.  And stop by their merch table for a visit, cause they are nice guys.

Watching: Since it's been a travelling weekend, we've been without TV or movies.  As I write this, I'm watching my grandpa sleeping, and all the cousins and siblings teaching the parents how to use their iPhones.  This past week, we watched A LOT of Parks and Recreation.  Seriously, such a great show.  When we first started watching season 1, it was all about Ron Swanson (played by the great Nick Offerman).  He is the man.  Literally.  He is the manliest man ever created, and he will let you know.  We've made it to season 4, and the characters have all been developed so well that it's hard to choose a favourite character.  I imagine that Ron will still always be a classic, but everyone else is running a close second.