Daughter Zion Designs Etsy Shop

I've been an artist all my life, but I've only just started calling myself one.  It's a strange feeling actually, because I'm finding it hard to consider the work that I'm now doing as art.  (Don't hate on me just yet! I know it's art, but for some reason my brain has decided to categorize it differently!)  Technically, I guess you could say I have a specialty in lettering.  I've always been drawn to letters.  Words were always something that I was doodling, exploring, copying over and over.  I was always the person in school groups making the posters for projects.  I get funny looks from Josh when I'm staring a signs around town, engulfed in analyzing and admiring the curves and lines that make up letters.  I love every minute of it, and he thinks I'm a total nerd.  I love nerding out with letters.  What can I say?

Since I've always made my own cards for every occasion, and even made them for other friends too, one day I decided that I wanted this to be my real life.  If people were wanting my hand drawn cards, I figured, why wouldn't I just start selling them?  So last year before Christmas, I started planning designs, and researching Etsy.  I could probably write a paper on Etsy for you, I've done enough research.  I feel like I've read every word on that site.  I made my goal to open the shop in January.  When I got home from a New Year trip with Josh, I listed my first items in my shop!  I was so scared! I thought that no one would possibly want to spend their hard earned money on my little hand made cards.  But I decided to let it go, just list my item, and go to sleep.  The next morning I woke up with the notifications that I had three sales!  One from a friend of a friends, one from my dad (so supportive, and so bummed that he wasn't the first buyer) and one from a stranger!  I have to say that my third order was my most exciting.  Not to say that the other two orders weren't special, because I was still pumped to have sold anything, but knowing that a stranger wanted to buy my work was thrilling!

Since that first day, I've been super blessed by people who want to have work in their home.  The feedback that I've received has been so awesome, and I feel that after all this time, and many many years of education in different fields, I've finally figured out what I am meant to do.  I feel like everyday I'm getting better at figuring out the kinks in my techniques and everything involved in selling my pieces.  I'm constantly trying to learn more about lettering and my supplies.  Some days it's a challenge to sit down and get to work, but then I still manage to do something lettering or Daughter Zion Designs related.

Here's some of my favourite cards and quotes that I've made for Daughter Zion Designs.  I currently have them for sale in my shop.  This is my passion and what I love to do.  I hope you like it too! (oh, and I do custom work as well! Hit me up!)