House Peek

Today I wanted to share a little glimpse into my home, and my favourite parts of it.  I was going to include the shots of my little studio space, but since I have plans to re-decorate it soon, I'm going to save it for later.  For now, you just get the little minor details from our kitchen and living room.

My kitchen window, with a few of my growing babies.
These are Josh's peppers, seeking the warm sunshine!  Secret: they are called Peter Peppers, and when fully grown, are supposed to look like penises!  Hahaha!  They were a gift from his good friend who knows his too well.
We keep dinosaurs all over the kitchen.  They are my favourite.  I wish that they were still around, and that I could have them as pets.  Top three: Velociraptor, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Ya, I know, keeping them as pets could serve to be a little dangerous.  But hey, we like to live on the dangerous side in this house!
Above the window is our bottle collection, plus cookbooks.  Obviously, we can't collect any more.  It's really hard to stop though!  Another secret?  That rusty old Canada Dry Ginger Ale can came out of the brick stumps we had as part of the railing on our porch.  We didn't like it, so josh knocked it down, and found old garbage inside the stumps.  Of course we kept it.  Also, if you ever come across Cheerwine (it's a soda pop), try it.  You'll like it.  It's cherry goodness.
This sign I made is on my pantry.  Many dance parties are held in my kitchen, sometimes featuring just me.  Sometimes they feature just me, with Josh laughing at my solo dancing.
Outside my kitchen window, Josh and I hung some bamboo chimes.  They sound so lovely.  My favourite time of day is in the morning when I sit out in the hammock on the porch, reading, listening to the chimes blowing in the wind, drinking my tea.
Outside our front window is a skull Josh found on an off-roading adventure, as well as some clam shells from a surfing trip.  Peeking out from inside the window is a little dragon Josh's sister picked up for him on a trip to China.  I thought that it was so sweet of her to recognize his nickname, Maddragon, which I find doesn't happen too often in his family.
This is the top of a little bookshelf we have in our living room.  It's a collection of happy things and mementos.   A conch shell and rocks from our wedding, an old video camera I won at an auction, a handmade flag from a friend's wedding, our little VW bus (which is actually also a USB drive, the headlights turn on when it's plugged in!), a Woody with a surfboard on top, and SPAMmobile (Josh and his bros LOVES that stuff), plus posters from the most important festival in my and Josh's life.
A close up of the Cornerstone Music Festival posters on our wall.  The festival had it's last year last summer, and we couldn't be more sad about it.  Josh and I have spent the last ten years attending this fest every summer, and made some incredible friends.  It's our home church and our refuel centre.  We are going to miss is terribly at the end of the month, as we won't be rushing to plan everything.  I honestly don't know what I'm going to do come June 30th, our usual departure date.  I haven't been home for Canada day in ten years, so celebrating it on Canadian soil is going to feel so foreign to me.
This is the entrance to our bedroom.  The little wooden garland is from Pier 1 (sorry if you can't find's really old, and I can't even find anything similar to it online), and the signs with our names on it were our seating cards from a wedding last summer.  It was really the most creative wedding I've EVER been to, on the hottest day in August.  I had so much fun.
Thanks for stopping into our little home.  It's small and cozy, and we absolutely love it.  I'll give out another tour when the other parts of it are ready!