Ice Cream on Cold Days

Even though I'm lactose intolerant, I still enjoy a treat of ice cream every now and then (Lactaid pills included).  When we moved to our little town, we saw that there were lots of little home grown ice cream places along the main strip.  I knew that I'd have to wait until friends came up to try out these places (as well as wait for the warm weather, as they are only open during the warmer months) because Josh is severely lactose intolerant, and even the pills don't help him.  I feel bad going for ice cream with just him, and having him watch me enjoy it while he can't, so now we don't go without guests.  This weekend, Josh and Steph came back up for a visit once again, and we returned to Mr. Norm's Nephew for some frozen treats.  We should have visited on Saturday, as the sun came out for the afternoon and it was just lovely.  Instead we had chosen to take the bikes down to the beach and relax, saving the ice cream for Sunday.  Boy was that a mistake.  Sunday turned out to be so cold compared to the day before! Pants, sweaters and socks came out in full force.  Steph and I decided that missing out on ice cream just wasn't going to be an option, so we bundled up, tossed back some hot tea to prep ourselves, and hopped in the car headed for Norm's.  So glad we didn't bail.

Steph ordered Crispy Crunch, and enjoyed every lick.

Josh got Oreo Raspberry, seemed to like his first time at the ice cream place..maybe?? Ya, he did, he's also the king of goofiness.

I got red cherry (unfortunately they had run out of the black cherry…but this was still just as good!)
Here's a little peek at the varieties of flavours that they have.  The thing that I love most about this ice cream is that every flavour is made fresh! It reminds me of Yogen Fruz, where you pick you flavours and pop them in the machine, and out comes lovely custom flavoured soft-ish serve ice cream (or yogurt, as that's an option too!).  What I find better than the chain of Yogen Fruz, is that there's soooo many more options of flavours and mix ins, plus it's a little mom and pop type shop.  The owners are the ones serving you, and it's not crazy expensive.  Plus it's delicious.  

Another little tidbit that I like about this shop is that there's a used book library that fills every available wall space.  And all the proceeds of these book purchases go to supporting their sponsor child.  

If you are even in the Beach, I definitely recommend stopping in and having a taste of Mr. Norm's Nephew ice cream.
Bonus feature of this little place??  In amongst the retro ice cream decor items, they had a really old milk container.  I was just scanning the walls when I came across it.  Having a closer look, it turns out that it's from the Uxbridge Dairy, in Uxbridge, Ontario.  That's where my husband and I come from! He his whole life, and me the last 15 years.  I thought that it was so neat to see a little piece of home in my new town.