Tuesday Treasures #1

Tuesday Treasures is a little compilation of 10 neat things I've found around the web.  From other blog posts, online shops, articles or accessaries (and more!), Tuesday Treasures is going to be a little sneak peek into things I find amusing, interesting, beautiful or downright weird.  Think you have something I might enjoy? Leave me a note and link in the comments, and perhaps it will be features on the next Tuesday Treasures!
These cute high waisted bather bottoms.  Perfect for a summer on the sand.
(via. My Sugar Doll)

Rain makes everything better.  At least that's what this site tells you.  I open this page when it's a cloudy, overcast day that won't balls up and just rain.  I love to make art to these sounds.

This beautiful, seductive, gothic and romantic hair brush.  If I brushed my hair more often (read: ever), I'd definitely pick this up.

How stunning is this tablecloth? Although over $200 is out of my price range, I'd be down for creating a DIY inspired by this piece.
(via. Anthropologie)

Forestbound makes beautiful bags, like this limited edition one.  Although this bag is sold out, it's still so simple and beautiful, and provides a good idea of the bags that Forestbound makes.
(via. Forestbound)

Friends of Type is a collaboration of some wonderfully talented lettering artists.

This bag is definitely on my wish list. Hershel just makes the greatest minimal bags.  It almost makes me want to go back to school, just so I can justify purchasing another backpack. Also, the site on which this bag is featured is packed full of super cool things, most of which are specialty items for taking on flights! 
(via. Flight 001)

Jewel is one of my favourites by the beautifully talented Charmaine Olivia.  If you have never heard of her, or seen her work, I beg you to check her out.  Not only is just a real life living mermaid (eee! her hair and clothes!) but she definitely has mastered making paint seductive and sexy.  I was fortunate enough to be able to grab a couple of her prints, and am currently looking for the best frames to house them in.

How awesome are these Ninjabread Cookie Cutters?  Fred & Friends makes the cutest and most awesome kitchen items, and more.  

Dana of Wonder Forest is an inspirational blogger.  But she's also a great graphic designer, running an online shop called Envye.  This is one of the clip art designs that you can purchase.  She also has blogger templates, fonts, photoshop actions and more.
(via. Envye)