Tuesday Treasures #2...but it's Wednesday??

Sorry this is a day late. My schedule has been so all over the place with visitors and orders and cake making, that I went to bed last night completely forgetting that all day it had been tuesday.  Better late than never though right?  As well as being late, it's also going to be short.  I had originally set my goal that Tuesday Treasures were going to be 10 things I've found and like, but today we only have 6.  Sorry friends!  But I still like each of these so much, they make up for the missing 4.

First up is a throwback to the gloriousness that is Harry Potter, and why the world needs more of it.  Plus, mixing a little Mean Girls into a Harry Potter meme? I mean, you really can't go wrong.
(via Buzzfeed)

Now I know that I posted a backpack last week, but for some reason, bags and backpacks are a weakness of mine.  (And art supplies.)  This handmade wool backpack is so beautiful!  The Etsy shop selling them also has a bunch of other drool worthy bags.  But yet again, I can't justify the purchase, because I don't know how much it will get used, especially now that I'm no longer in school.
(via Sketchbook)

This pencil pouch is way too small for the amount of pencils and pens and markers and everything that I like to carry around with me, but it's still just so so beautiful!  I love that there's added leather details that look just so buttery against the pale green canvas.  I think I'm going to have to downsize my collection of pens because this is possibly going to be a purse-sized pencil carrier splurge in the future.
(via Violeta)

Bloodmilk makes stunning jewelry.  And I'm in love with pretty much every piece.  I want to pick up one of them, but I just can't make up my mind!  This Swan Song ring in rose gold is such a clean and elegant piece, but the Belonging to the Darkness ring has a creepy factor that really grabs me.  I definitely suggest you save up your pennies (hard to do in Canada now, as they're being phased out!) and pick up one of these handmade pieces.
(via Bloodmilk)

Have you heard of Brendan Brazier's book The Thrive Diet?  It's really good.  And it's full of delicious vegan recipes, that even non-vegans (like me) love.  His crackers are so good, and are made of just nuts and veggies?  How awesome is that for you body.  Also, Vega, a nutritional supplement smoothie which he formulated, tastes so so good that Josh and I have it every day.  Josh, a meat meat meat and potatoes man, eats his morning meals like a vegan.  Unbelievable.  But seriously, pick up this book, or see if your library has it.  It will definitely teach you more about food and energy, and how we don't always have to eat the way the old school pyramid tells us to.
(via Amazon)

Joanna Fowles makes lovely hand dyed scarves, like this hand shibori dyed indigo dot Kelly Scarf.  Based out of Sydney, Australia, Joanna hand dyes all of the fabric herself, as well as teaching advanced textile techniques at the University of Technology in Sydney.  I really wish that I had known about her, and her work when I was in Sydney a while ago.  I would have loved to spend an afternoon taking one of her workshops that she offers to the public.  Indigo dying is definitely a goal of mine this summer.