Tuesday Treasures #3 (Just in the nick of time!)

Sneaking in the post quickly before the day ends and Tuesday Treasures is late again this week!  Not happening this time!

A house was recently purchased in California, with a nuclear fallout shelter, fully intact from 1960s!
(via Daily Mail Uk)
This hanging glass terrarium would look perfect in the empty corner we have in our living room.  Josh and I have been wanting to get some hanging plants to go there, and I think this would be a great addition.
(via ABJ glassworks Etsy)
 This little tea cup would definitely get lots of use in my house!  As an avid tea drinker, I love going to asian restaurants, where my green tea is served in the little cups.  I think that I'd like to have a couple for around the house too.
(via Miri Hardy Pottery Etsy)

 Even thought this Mean Girls parody is old, I still think it's genius.  Plus, you can't go wrong with Disney parodies.  Have you seen the one that the SNL ladies did??  Go watch it.  Now.  Well, after you watch the Mean Girls one below.

(via PinkWhig YouTube)
 Nick Offerman is a dream.  Ron Swanson should be everyone's male role model.  (I wish I could find the original source of this picture, instead of just a tumblr.  Sorry original poster, even if you probably will never see this anyway.  It was my intention to credit you if I could find you.)
(via Lone Wolf Saga Tumblr)
 Again, as a tea drinker, I like a beautiful mug.  This beautiful handmade Sedona Sunrise mug is just that.  Beautiful.  Too bad I don't have any more room in my kitchen cupboards, because otherwise I would get you mailed to my house right away.
(via Clay Garden Pottery Etsy)