Tuesday Treasures #4

There were some interesting things floating around the internet this week.  Some of it is really making Josh and I re-look at the food that we eat.  Even though we've been trying to be really good about the food we are putting into our mouths (organic, farm fresh, chemical free), so it's welcoming to see the good things that Chipotle is doing, and the bad things that the United States is still letting into their country.

Chipotle has done great things in the past, and adding the notification of which of their products include some GMOs and which don't, is just another step towards the great honesty that Chipotle shares with their customers, which many other food companies don't.  Kudos Chipotle.  And thanks for making delicious food.
(via The Verge)
Buzzfeed might be filled with lots of lists of nonsense, but this list of the 8 foods the US eats that are banned in other countries is definitely something to be interested in.  I definitely feel that the US, and even Canada too, let too many nasty things into our borders, and let the citizens consume it.  I feel like we'd all be a lot more comfortable if our government helped to keep us healthier, rather than letting us rot our bodies and die early.
(via Buzzfeed)
I came across the blog for a magazine called Cereal, which is filled with the most stunning photos.  First up is an photo essay of Joshua Tree.  It is definitely an addition to my must-visit list.
(via Cereal)
Oh my gosh.  Have you guys seen this video?  Jessica Rey, a swimsuit designer and actress, presented this talk about swimsuits, asking, "Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?" It's really a great 10 minute talk, which is definitely eye opening about today's views on modesty and objectification of women.

This video that I saw this week was treated with another eye-opening experience.  Mrs. Elliot taught her students a valuable lesson, which I think should be brought up in today's classrooms, boardrooms, bathrooms (ok, maybe not the last one), because it's not just relevant 50 years ago.  

Can you imagine allowing doctors to purposely infect your 6 year old child with the deadly disease?  This short film by Ross Kauffman takes a little look at how doctors successfully got rid of a little girls leukaemia b administering a dose of a modified virus, to genetically alter her T-cells.  The results are astounding.