A Wet Summer's Day

On Tuesday I spent a little while sitting in the hammock on the porch, reading my new book, enjoying the warm summer breeze and bright sunshine.  It was a lovely perfect after lunch treat, after having a crazy busy weekend, the moment of silence and serenity was welcoming.  A few chapters in, the wind started picking up, and the trees were swaying like crazy.  I could definitely feel that it was the beginnings of another wicked summer storm.  Even though the sunshine and lovely days of summer are amazingly excellent, there's just something about the summer storms that blow in super quickly that I really love.  When the wind starts picking up, and I get excited.  Tuesday was no exception.  The rain slowly started, and I was feeling the mist blowing into the covered porch.  It seemed like my moment of serenity was going to get a little damp, so I decided to bail.  I'm very glad that I chose to pack up my stuff to head inside when I did, because the torrential rain came just moments after I stepped inside.  

I couldn't resist snapping a couple pictures of the rain that accumulated in just moments after it started falling from the sky.  Seriously, it came so fast!  I put out my watering can, and it filled completely in just two minutes!  Our truck got a nice clean, our driveway, yard and fire pit became full on swimming pools, and the rain just didn't stop for over two hours.  It was a refreshing break from the heat and humidity we had over the weekend.  There's also just something about sitting inside on a summer day while it's pouring outside.  Even sitting outside on the porch during a storm, as long as the wind is in your favour, can be wonderful.  Sure, it interrupted our plans to spend the afternoon at the beach, but it allowed us to get some cleaning done inside the house.  One of my favourite rainy day activities?? Curling up on the couch and popping in an old movie (my choice for this day though, curling up on the couch and continuing to read my book.)  I like leaving the windows partially open to get the breeze coming through the house, and to be able to listen to the rain coming down. 

What's your favourite thing to do on rainy afternoons in the summer?