Collingwood Adventure Voyages

You might have remembered (or not) me mentioning my friend Kevin in this post a while ago.  Well I'm back to feature him, and his boating business, in a post dedicated entirely to him!  

Kevin runs Collingwood Adventure Voyages (an off shoot of the parent company Offsetminds Adventure Travel), and he's a great adventurer of the seas....err, lake.  Kevin offers an array of boating experiences, from fishing and sunset cruises, to tours, shipwreck snorkelling, and even water tubing!  He's a blast to hang out with, knows so much about the history of Collingwood, and was the only commercial vessel in the harbour that passed the water transportation safety rules with flying colours! (read: he's the guy to go with!)
 His current boat holds 10 people for tours, and soon it will have a top on it to provide some shade from the sun while out on the water.  He's fully equipped with life jackets, snorkel and fishing gear, as well as some rad pirate tunes.
I haven't been able to go out on a snorkel tour yet this summer, so that I could experience it myself (we've been too busy!) but that's definitely something I want to check out as soon as I can.  I've never seen a freshwater shipwreck!  Bonus to that is that I won't have opening-scene-to-the-little-mermaid-flashbacks of the shark in the shipwreck chasing Ariel and Flounder, like I did at my first shipwreck experience off the coast of Mexico.  No sharks in the lakes! (unless you count that one time a bull shark made it's way up river from the Atlantic to Lake Michigan, as seen on River Monsters...I'll try to push that from my mind!)  I've been doing much better with my irrational water monster fears this summer, and I think that the crystal clear lake I live on is definitely helping.  Plus I missed Shark Week this year.
I also want to go fishing too!  I've only done it twice in my life, and it was pretty fun.  Although maybe given my fears of the water creatures mentioned above, maybe I don't want to fish in my lake, and find out just what's swimming around with me.  So far I've only seen  minnows, and swimming with those is super cute.  Huge salmon on the other hand nibbling at my toes...different story.
 A couple weekends ago, Collingwood was fortunate enough to host the 1812 Tall Ships for one stop on it's Bicentennial Tour.  It was so neat to see these old ships up close, and Kevin was offering a killer deal to see them from a view you wouldn't get anywhere else.  For only 10 bucks, you got a boat ride with a bit of history of Collingwood harbour, plus pulling right up alongside these huge ships!  It was jumping right back in history at this event, with the boats, plus war reenactments and games.
 Come on out to Collingwood and book a tour with Kevin.  The water is lovely for swimming, the views are great, and the sunsets are absolutely stunning.  He definitely brings some fun to the water, and an added experience to your trip to the lake.
You can reach Kevin at Collingwood Adventure Voyages to book a tour by calling 705-444-9451