Reading: Thunder of Heaven (A Joshua Jordan novel, the second book in The End Series) by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall.  I went to the library in the beach a couple weeks ago, looking for something new to read, since I've just been re-reading everything that's on our overflowing bookshelf.  I spent forever walking around the library, realizing I haven't been in one in forever, and therefore forgot that I needed to know author's names in order to find books I wanted.  Then I realized that I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to read.  When the name Tim LaHaye caught my eye, I remembered that he was one of the authors of the Left Behind Series.  I loved those books, so I thought I'd give his new series a try.  It's actually really good!  I flew through the first book, but had to wait and wait until the second book came back into the library.  Those couple weeks dragged on for so long!  I'm now about a quarter way through the book, and am still loving this series.  If you like action packed, end of the world, political type books, I suggest picking these up.

Watching: Josh and I have been marathoning it through all The Fast and The Furious movies.  Since watching the sixth one in theatres, we wanted to go through all the old ones again, since it's been 12 years since the first once came out.  The newer movies have definitely gotten less cheesy, blasted with bigger stunts, and more extreme driving.  Since Josh is a stuntman and precision driver, and had friends as the stunt drivers in the latest couple movies, they sit a little closer to home for us.  Spoiler alert: I'm so looking forward to number 7 coming out... I mean, adding Jason Statham into the mix??  Come on!  It's going to be killer.

Listening: CBC Radio One, any chance I can get.  I really need to just get the app on my phone, or remember that I can listen online when I'm working.  But any second I've been in the car, that's where my radio has been tuned.  Does that make me sound old?  I just can't get enough of listening to the different features, and even the news.  Top of the list for the different programs I enjoy most: The Debaters (if you haven't heard it before, it's hilarious!), DNTO (Definitely Not The Opera) and Ideas.

Making: Lots and lots of custom orders, which I'm really excited about!  It's baby announcement time, wedding season, and then just lots of people wanting quotes with my little bit of flare added.  I really really love doing custom work.  I love just being given the words to write, and a theme to work within to draw inspiration from.