Life Lately

Life's been a little all over the place around our house.  I've been swamped with work (which is excellent, I'm not complaining!), but I feel like I've let somethings slide to the wayside in the mean time.  Like our new kitty, the poor guy just hasn't been getting the attention from me he wants, and he definitely lets me know.  I haven't been whipping up fancy meals, and we've eaten lots of tacos and too many nights out with friends at restaurants.  We finally did laundry today that I've been putting off for two weeks, but still put off cleaning the house.  But in hindsight, even though I feel like I've been putting my work first, and everything else second, maybe I'm wrong.  Josh and I escaped yesterday for a mini summer vacation, just the two of us (I forgot my camera, so you'll get a post later full of grainy phone pictures).  It was so lovely.  The night ended with the most amazing lightning storm and clouds coming in around sunset, and it continued flooding the sky with lights our whole drive home.  We ended the night with the last three episodes of Parks and Recreation season 4.  I can't wait until the end of September when our season 5 arrives in the mail!  This morning we woke up to thunder and rain, which was so calming and relaxing.  An order came in for me at work, but I decided to put it off until tomorrow, and catch up on some reading (online, and on the page) and organize my calendar for the next month.  Tomorrow I might be taking a chunk of the day off too, and two lovelies are coming to visit us for the first time!  These girls are like my little sisters, and I've been babysitting them (when they were younger and needed it) since 2000!  Now they're all grown up, and I can't believe it!  These ladies are so beautiful, inside and out, and I can't wait to share a little bit of our new life with them.  

Here's a snapshot that Josh grabbed quickly on my phone last night (hence the poor quality!), as we curled up on the couch for some Parks and Rec.  Taco ran right over to me and crawled up on my lap and and proceeded to fall asleep.  It was so nice to know that even if I haven't been able to give him the loving he deserves, that he still loved me enough to cuddle.  I'm so in love with this kitty.