Meet our New Furbaby, Taco!

Hi guys! I'm Taco! And I'm the new furbaby living with Josh and Reva.  I thought that I'd let my new mom introduce me to you, and tell you all about my story.
Josh and I adopted Taco a week and a bit ago, and we've already fallen in love with this boy!  Taco is 6 years old, and was taken in by a lovely lady after his family abandoned him and his fur family (some dogs and cats!) after they were evicted from their home.  Poor guy.  Luckily, he was taken in and given lots of love by his temporary owner.  Unfortunately though, she was really allergic, so she was just keeping him until she could find a permanent home for him.  She named him Taco (because she didn't know his original name) because every time she made anything Mexican, he was always in the kitchen.  Being named Taco was what drew us to him in the first place.  After we met this little furball, it was love.  He's super affectionate, loves getting attention and being brushed, comes when he's called, and prefers to go to the bathroom outside (bonus!).  He's pretty much a dog, which is our favourite kind of cat.
This is his favourite chair.  Most of his naps take place here, and sometimes he sleeps covering his face.  I think it's just because he's camera shy.
He parties hard.  And have a serious love of cardboard boxes.  We have been so blessed that he doesn't scratch the furniture, only cardboard.  
Longing to be outside.
So that he can do this.  He rolls around in the dirt as much as possible.  What a goof.
He comes to bed with us too!  He usually falls asleep before us, at the end of our bed, but as soon as we're sleeping, that seems to be when his nighttime adventures begin.  Most of these adventure involve a little bit of his catnip toy, and lots of cardboard boxes.
He's pretty sweet.  Even my cat-hating dad seemed to have fallen in love!  I was worried at one point that my mom was going to steal him on her last visit, and take him home.  You should come and play with him.  He'll love you forever!