Our Wedding: The Ceremony and Family

Here's some of the pictures from our ceremony, along with some family shots at the end.  It had been raining on our wedding day, all morning, and as we were driving from the resort to the beach, it was starting to slow down.  I was getting more and more happy as we parked and walked to the edge of the beach as the drips from the sky pretty much stopped.  As the girls and my parents were huddled in a little prayer though, that totally changed, as it started just pouring!  Well, everyone was already here, and I could see that all the guests had umbrellas, so at least they came prepared.  Giant golf umbrellas came out of nowhere for my bridesmaids (thank you to whoever had those!), but the poor groomsmen had nothing, and they were absolutely soaked.  And freezing.  The amount of shivers coming off those guys could have made the earth shake.  Thankfully Pastor Andrew made the ceremony short and quick, because it was pouring, and he didn't want to make everyone sit in the rain any longer.
My girls dresses were from Forever21.  What a steal!  They were happy to not have to cash out on the expensive dresses that bridesmaids often buy.  I'm so not that kind of bride.
I was so excited to see all these boys in their duds.  They were seriously so fine!
Our little flower girl, Jane, was so excited to wear her 'wedding dress' (as she called it) and her wings.  She was so good walking down the aisle with our ring bearer Josh Mac.  He was a surprise, as no one knew we were having a 22 year old ring bearer.
I think that my dad was just a little bit excited.  And cute with his rolled up pants.  I love that he did that!
Even Pastor Andrew sported bare feet.  Thanks to my bridesmaid Caitlin for the shawl.  It definitely helped keep me warm in the rain!
Can you believe this shot?  This makes me really happy that we had a rainy wedding day.
I have the cutest grandparents, and was so blessed that they could be there with me.
Grandma, my sister Ali and my mom.  Love this generational picture.
Couple kisses.  My sister and her hubs Nate were newly weds too, they got married just four weeks before Josh and I!  Yes, we had a crazy summer.
Josh's Mom, sister Joanna, and Dad.
Loved that TJ scored this shot of my dad and I.

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*All pictures are from our photographer, TJ, at kpushstudios.