Our Wedding: Getting Ready

On Saturday, it will be Josh and my one year wedding anniversary.  I'm sure lots of people say the same thing, but it was really true, the year flew by!  These last 12 months have gone by so fast, and we filled each day with so much, I honestly can't believe it.  I've loved pretty much every second of it.  It's almost everything I dreamed of, and sometimes I feel like I'm literally living in a dream.  I look around at all that Josh and I have accomplished over this last year, and I feel totally blessed.  We have a lovely little home, beautiful friends and family in our lives, a new little furbaby, and live in a wonderland of a town.  I couldn't ask for more.

I thought that I'd share some pictures of the wedding over the next couple days to celebrate our anniversary.  It's so much fun to look back at them, and try to remember the day.  Without the pictures, I'm sure that the memories would be even foggier than they already are.  It was pouring rain on our (outdoor!) wedding day, and I was constantly being bombarded with questions and deciding whether or not to move the ceremony inside.  I was running around so much trying to figure out what to do, that I missed watching all my girls get ready (I just turned around one moment, and they were all there, ready and made up, looking so gorgeous).  I missed having any moment of relaxation and enjoying the moment of being ready myself, in my dress, taking in the whole thing.  Thankfully I managed to toss down a couple pieces of fruit and a handful of almonds (force-fed by my bridesmaids, thank you ladies!!) so I didn't pass out or something.  Ok, onto the getting ready pictures.
Yes, I had electric pink hair on my wedding day.  I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.
My girls were supposed to carry paper parasols instead of bouquets, however in the rain, we scrapped that idea.  We had some leftover flowers from my bouquet, and they whipped up these little bundles in minutes.  I was so proud of them!
The boys were setting up the ceremony on the beach.  Getting this text made my morning after going back and forth a hundred times about whether we were having outside or not.
This picture was just too good not to include.  Rich was one of Josh's groomsmen, and is definitely a character we like to have around.
I gave Josh Hot Wheels as his little gift.  The guys said that he was so stoked, and said "I have the best future wife ever!"  Win!
Josh and I didn't want to see each other until I walked down the aisle, but we wanted to pray together before the ceremony started.  This was our little solution.  I wanted to sneak a peek at him so bad!! 
We went fully DIY on this wedding, which included making our own bouts.
I totally scored on my dress.  It was a sample sale, and was pretty much exactly what I wanted.  Flowy for the beach, and sweetheart neckline for the boobs.  Hahaha!
*All pictures are from our photographer, TJ, at kpushstudios.