Our Wedding: The Party and the Party

Last wedding post.  I promise!  Today we have the wedding party pictures, and the reception shots.  I loved every single one of our wedding party so much, and I'm so glad that each of these people were part of our special day. 

Each of my girls hold such big pieces of my life, and I'm so glad that they were able to be there.  One even flew all the way in from Vancouver to join us!  Along with my sister Ali, I had my elementary school friend Jen, high school friend Caitlin, best friend Heather, and newest friend Stephanie.  I thought that they were so beautiful, and they made me so comfortable and loved.  Thank you so much to these ladies for their help leading up to (and DIYing) the wedding, for calming me and making me laugh the night before, and for supporting me on our wedding day, and every day since.
Stephanie, Jen, Heather (and baby Harvey!), Ali and Caitlin
Josh's guys were total babes.  When this picture below got posted on facebook, there were multiple discussion about the level of sexy in this pic.  Hahah.  I might have even called them sexy during my thank you speech.  But they were!  Even though I thought that Josh was having a thousand men stand beside him, I'm glad that he had all these crazy boys in his wedding party.  He had his childhood best friend, Joel, (since kindergarten!) as his best man, which matched up really well with my Maid (I don't say Matron, cause we aren't old enough to use that word yet) of Honour, as they are husband and wife!  Then he had the boys from his band (Rob, Stephen, who also flew in from Vancouver, Darren and Rich), his good friend Josh as the ring bearer, and two stunt friends (Jason and Horse) came up from the states.  Jason and his wife (Nicki did my hairs!) even got their passports just to come up!
Rob, Horse, Josh, Joel, Josh, Rich, Stephen, Darren, and Jason

The boys are always stuntin'.
Best man love.
For our reception, we had burgers and some southern fixin's.  Our caterer made the most delicious mac and cheese I've ever had!  I think that our guests loved the relaxed feel.  We wanted our wedding to feel like we were literally hosting the party ourselves, like we would with an at home BBQ, except it was with 200 of our nearest and dearest.
Our guest book was a skim board.  Everyone engraved their love notes, and some of them were so hilarious!
I always hate going to wedding where they take away our water glasses as the dancing starts.  So I wanted our favours to do some double duty.  They actually served triple duty, as they were the favours, escort cards, and made sure that everyone had a glass all night.
Yes, I was the crazy bride who even made her own cakes.  I run a little cake making business on the side, and thought it just made sense to make my own cakes.  My friend Nina became my cake hands on the wedding day, and added all the flowers that I had made to the cakes.  We had 5 different flavours to suit everyone's tastes.  Vanilla chai (pictured), double chocolate, lemon, classic vanilla and pina colada.  They were devoured.
Dinner menu, also devoured.  Happy tummies all around.
One of the best things was having our best friends stand with us as our Best Man and Maid of Honour.  I have so much love for these two (and their babies), and feel so blessed to have them in our lives.
I loved that we got so many compliments on our wedding from our friends.  No one even seemed to mind that they got soaked during the ceremony (but they were smart, and brought second outfits!)  It seemed that we hosted quite the party, even though I feel like I missed out on all of it because I was busy talking to everyone.  I feel like our friends are the ones who make the party.  No one dances quite as hard as our friends.  They are memorable, that's for sure.
Love this little moment between my sister and her besties.
Dancing animals, who didn't quit all night!

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*All pictures are from our photographer, TJ, at kpushstudios.