Skull Island Adventure Golf

We finally went to the local mini putt place!  Mini putt is one of Josh's favourite vacation treats, and Skull Island, down by beach 1 brought him back to all his family vacations in Myrtle Beach, plus our honeymoon adventures, and he was a happy boy.  I was pumped because the lighting was so cool there at night!  We went with our friend Dennis and his Babcia (grandma in Polish), and had a blast.  Sometimes I really hate going mini putting with Josh because he's so good, and I'm so terrible, but having others with us this time helped, even if I did still get the lowest score. (I just can't do it!)  I brought my camera along, and I'm glad that I did.  Here's some of the pictures I snapped along the way!
Watching Dennis putt always made me smile.  He crouches down so much!  Oh, speaking of Dennis, he's an actor who Josh met though filming, who also is in a little band you should check out, called The Pariah Club.  The make fun summer tunes, like Summer in the City.
For being a really fake waterfall, I could have sat under this thing all night.  It was so soothing to listen to, and made me think that we needed to go on a little road trip (in our new car! 88' VW Cabriolet for the win) to find some falls to play in.  Summer is technically wrapping up soon, but I don't want it to, not yet!
This was the final hole.  It's absolutely impossible.  I really enjoyed Skull Island, but kind of wished that there were more obstacles.  I guess the southern east coast of the States has spoiled me a little for mini putt.  Some of those courses are so tough!  This was a great little evening family adventure though.  I'd recommend it if you're ever visiting the beach this summer.