Sponsor Feature: Happerly Ever After

Let me introduce you to Ali, of Happerly Ever After.  She's super beautiful, and yes I'm totally biased, because she's also my sister.  She is a Canadian transplant in South Florida, where she lives with her hubs Nath, and she also runs a media business with him called The Entrance Collective.  She wants her blog to show how she lives a "life worth reading: eating yummy food, taking beautiful photos, creating a style, and listening to music worth dancing to."  I think she succeeds.  
 Here's some of my favourite posts from the Happerly team.
 In Honour of Canada  Of course I had to share this post.  Living in Florida, needless to say that most american's don't care (or even know?) about Canada Day.  I loved that Ali chose to celebrate our beautiful country under the sunshine of the new country she's living in.
 A Recap  This is the most amazing post, I think, because through juicing, Ali managed to get Nath to consume large amounts of fruits and veggies, which is just short of a miracle (so proud of you brother!).  I can attest to this miracle from my perspective, and some juices are just disgusting.  But both Ali and Nath managed to go a full ten days on a total juice cleanse.  Inspiring.
 The First of [potentially] Many  Ali lives for photography.  So I was so glad when she started a blog so that she could share all her adventures in full living colour.  She and Nath travel a lot, and this post was all about their trip back to Nath's home of Kansas.  Besides the gratuitous posts of lots and lots of coffee, it was so nice to see them step back in time a little bit on the farm.
 Almond Milkshake Every once and a while, Ali shares a recipe, and this one was definitely a hit in my books.  Since I'm also lactose intolerant, it was nice to find a recipe for dairy free milkshake!  So yum!

One Year Anniversary Trip This post, along with the one below, highlights my favourite city.  I love New York, and was kind of jealous that Ali and Nath were able to pop on over there for weekend.  I wish that it was as cheap in Canada to travel within the country as it can be in the States.
New York City pt II  This definitely makes me look forward to what Josh and I will do on our anniversary this weekend.  I think we're staying home, as he'll have just gotten home for a week, but I'm excited to just celebrate the fact that we've been married for a year, New York or not.

Head on over to Happerly Ever After and share the love with Ali.  I love her, and I'm sure you will to.

*all photos in this post are from Happerly Ever After