Sponsor Feature: Love Lola

Meet Lauren, she runs the cute blog over at Love Lola, as well as the Etsy shop Love Lola Vintage.  She's from the beautiful state of South Carolina (love it there!) with her husband Scofield.  She says she started her blog as a "creative outlet, where [she] shares bits and pieces of her live, her shop, and food.  Lots of food."  And all the food she posts looks so delicious!  I'm sharing a few of my favourite posts from over on her blog.  I can't wait to try to out these recipes!  

What Yoga Means To Me  This post totally inspired me to grab a mat, and start throwing my body into all sorts of contortions.  Just kidding about the contortions.  I would definitely start it out slow, since I haven't done yoga in close to ten years.  
Black Bean + Avocado Brownies  I mean, can you look at the ooey-gooey-ness of these brownies?  I can't believe that there's beans and avocado in them!  That's amazing.  I definitely want to try these out soon.  I just need to make them when we are having friends over, just in case I want to eat too many.
 Mashed Cauliflower with Goat Cheese and Chives  This also looks delicious.  And for a potato loving husband with a wife that isn't always into them, I think this recipe might be a great alternative.
A Blackberry and Beet Chocolate Cake for my Husband  A final recipe of chocolatey looking goodness.  Seriously Lauren, you are a whiz in the kitchen!  This is definitely going to be part of my next birthday party.  

Check out Lauren's blog and send her a little love!

*all photos in this post are from Love Lola