Sponsor Feature: Stars in Jars

A while back I got a little ballsy (for me) and decided to email a couple lovelies to see if they were interested in a little ad swap.  I really want to start joining this community of bloggers, and I figured that even if no one wanted to swap, I've made some kind of initial contact, so that when I comment on their posts, perhaps they'll remember little ole me, and toss a little message back.  I'd love to be able to find some online friends who inspire me to be more.  As part of my swaps, I decided to offer a post for each sponsor, dedicated entirely to them.  No sharing it with others, 100% attention!

First up this month is Lou, over at Stars in Jars!  She describes herself as a "bookish daydreamer and romantic.  A South London gal currently taking a sabbatical from teaching in South Korea, and staying with [her] parents in rural Ireland.  [She] loves getting [her] fingers inky (ahh! girl after my own heart!), either by writing or crafting."  Her blog is "a place where [she] collects memories from [her] day to day.  It's this small corner that [she'll] be able to come back to remember all the little things...the thoughts, the people, the smiles."

I've been following Lou for a little while now, and really love the adventures that she takes with her friends, the food that she makes, and the fact that she's a letter writer.  It inspires me to start writing more letters.  Snail mail that isn't a bill and comes in pretty packages is the best kind of mail.

Here's some of my favourite posts:
{{Skinny}} Maple Chocolate Milkshake.  Not only is this delicious, but I love that maple syrup is one of the ingredients!  Being a Canadian girl myself, maple syrup is in my blood.

Print + Paint.  Time to get your fingers a little inky.  I've seen lots of painted rocks, but the fact that Lou uses shells in super inspiring.  Since I live by the beach, we have a few shells scattered around our surf-inspired home.  This makes me want to grab a couple and go to town on them with some colour and design.

Dark Chocolate + Avocado Pudding.  I'm waiting for my avocado's to ripen as I write this.  Usually we are a house with guacamole, but I want to try making a little dessert with the avocados this time instead!
London Trip // Roll Up! Roll up!  Seeing Lou's post about going to the circus while she was in London makes me want to take in a show!  While I was a Canada's Wonderland with friends last month we took in a short little half hour show featuring some bike and blade tricks, clowns and some acrobatics, and I loved it.  I haven't been to a real big top circus since I was little girl (we're talking under 5 years old) so I think that it would be quite the experience to see now that I'm an adult, and am better at paying attention.

I hope that you'll all hop on over to Lou's lovely little blog, and show her some love!

*note: all photos in this post are from Stars in Jars*