There's a First Time for Everything

Today I'm going to the CNE.  Finally, after all this time.  I've lived in ontario for 16 years now, and still haven't even been to the CNE.  (Or the Toronto Zoo for that matter, but that's a whole other story.)  So I'm seriously looking forward to it, as well as seeing friends who I haven't seen in a while, because they've been off adventuring the east coast.

I'm a little nervous about eating any food there though, with everything that's been in the news about vendors getting shut down, people getting food poisoning, and not really know what's safe or not.  But what can you expect from a place that serves deep friend butter on a stick?  Just give me some fries and a pogo and I'm a happy camper.  I'm hoping I can snag a few fun shots from around the grounds, especially with all the lights and colours at night.  At least it's will force me to get to know my camera a bit better.  

In my online shop world, I'm trying to re-evaluate the kinds of products I have for sale, and my overall aesthetic and style.  I feel like all my custom work has really reflected the way I like to work, yet most of the stuff I have in my shop is all over the place compared to them.  But I feel bad making a custom piece for someone, and then wanting to sell prints of it to other people (even if that's what I really want to be doing.)  I have all these post-it notes scattered throughout my notebooks and all over my calendar of the things and themes I want to create, but when I sit down to actually start working on them, I just feel stuck.  Like I'm in a rut.  Maybe taking next week off will help.  I'm heading back to my hometown to help a friend paint their house in preparation for putting on the market.  Stepping away from my office will hopefully help this whole rut situation.  And then I should be able to come back for a new season of work, for a fresh start.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of Josh and I owning our house, which is pretty exciting.  It's neat to see how far it's come along, and totally changed, from when we bought it.  I wish I had more pictures from when it was empty, because it'd be so nice to see the changes it's made.
A year ago tomorrow, we got the keys! They had penguins and planets on them, and were pretty crappy actually.  When we went to go unlock the door for the first time, we almost couldn't get the keys in.  It's still like that, even though we got new keys made.  I just want a whole new lock, but it doesn't bug Josh as much as it does me (he grew up with a crappy lock, I didn't,) so I guess I'll either have to learn to not care about this stupid lock, or learn how to change one myself.
We are (kind of) real adults now.  We call our home Never Never Land, because it's a place of fun and play, and never growing up.  But I guess sometimes we have to be a little responsible, being home owners and all now.  We will never be *real* grown ups though.
The second weekend we were in our house it was pouring rain, and it starting coming in through our ceiling in the kitchen and living room.  The buckets and tarps came out very quickly (thankfully we even had stuff for collecting water!) and as soon as the rain let up, we started on making a new roof.  Bonus part of that was now I have this awesome cedar porch covering, where there was nothing there before.  That's where I have my hammock hanging, and lots of afternoon hangouts occur, as the sun shines down on us.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of excitement with you! I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend!