Sept 16: A Love Letter to A Best Friend

Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.)

Dear Heather,

I love you.  Not in that ooey gooey, save it for my husband kind of love, but a love that still just as deep.  You are the best friend a girl could ask for.  Anyone could ask for.  And I'm so grateful that you've let me be a part of your life.  Of your husbands life.  Of your kids' lives.  I honestly don't know if I could have found someone better.  We were 'friends' through school, and have a lasting joke that you always thought of us as friends, where I thought of us more as acquaintances   My mistake on that one, I should have pursued the friendship more way back then.  High school came and went, and we both left for university.  Then one weekend I started dating a certain boy, who happened to be your fiancé's best friend since childhood.  Our friendship was forced upon us, definitely for the best.  Not sure if we would have had the opportunity otherwise.  I remember that one night, when the boys went out for a snowboarding adventure two house from home, in a huge snowstorm.  We were to meet at your apartment, at a certain time.  I showed up, and they didn't.  For a few hours.  I was kind of nervous, but we worked together in the kitchen, making spaghetti sauce for dinner.  And then when it was all prepared, we moved to sit on the kitchen floor, because really, that's where the best friendships happen.  Suddenly my nerves were gone, and we were able to share with each other like we'd known each other forever.  

Fast forward a few summers of working together, gardening.  All day, everyday, spent together.  I was officially in love with you, friend.  The way we could make each other laugh, hold each other through tears, and get serious when it needed.  The way that we were glued to each other by the hip, and days were sad if we were separated onto different teams if need be.  Didn't our boss know that we work super well together?  Even through all the chatter?  How could we even find enough to talk about?

Fast forward again to your first little coming into this world.  I was busy painting your house while you were busy pushing out the most beautiful baby girl.  I knew that you were going to be such a great mom, because I saw how much you had helped me grow.  I remember days filled with constant crying coming out of that little mouth.  You handled it with such grace and patience.  You handle everything with a grace that I somehow can't muster.  Sometimes, you remind me of what a proper princess would be like.  Maybe it's the porcelain skin, or the way you handle stressful situations, but I'm so in awe watching the way you get through the trials without freaking out.  (I usually freak out, and don't really know how not to.)  

Then the night that I got to call you to tell you I was engaged.  You were the first call.  Not to my sister, or parents, not to any other friends, just you.  I only wanted to tell you, and the others could wait.  I remember there had been many times when I had weekends away with my boy, where you called or texted as soon as I came home asking if it had happened yet.  To be able to call you to say that a cold random December night that it had finally happened, was such a treat for me.

Thank you for standing by me at our wedding, even if your belly was fully ready to pop out little number two (he's a complete gem by the way.  You make such beautiful kids.)  It meant the world to me that you were able to be there and share that day with me.  You were so beautiful.  You are so beautiful.  

Thank you for being the greatest friend, and loveliest lady in my life.  I can't wait until my family starts to grow, so that my littles can call you Auntie, just as yours do to me.  I thank God that He brought us together, under circumstances that I could have never planned.  I'm so glad that I have you in my life.

I love you.


Gardening will forever be the glue that holds us together.  Look, I didn't kill these!
*portrait from KPushStudios