Sept 27: An Anonymous Letter to You (You Don't Know Who You Are)

Friday, September 27: An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you'd like. (but don't include people's real names.) 

Facebook is really getting on my nerves lately actually.  Every day I'm tempted to delete my account, but then I remember that there's fun opportunities on it to catch up with people's lives from my past, and share pictures of life with friends that are far away.  It's also a nice way to contact people if you don't have their number or address.  But I think that people seriously abuse Facebook.  And frankly, some posts definitely get on my nerves.  So here's a little letter to all you Facebookers, and why I think that some of your Facebook actions are ridiculous.  Sorry if you think this post is ridiculous, but I don't care.  All the culprits of the following make me want to delete you.

1. Vaguebooking.  This practice has created a new word.  Not sure if it's a legitimate word, but I know that it's a realy practice, that people just shouldn't do.  What's the point of Facebook, if you're just going to say really vague things, and then avoid answering anyone's questions about it?  Attention is what you're seeking, and attention is what you're getting.  Why not give your readers a little boost of excitement too, and just let us in on the 'secret'?  Either that, or just keep it a secret, instead of shouting from the mountain tops, 'Hey! I have a secret and you don't, and I'm not going to tell you anything about it, but I just wanted you all to know that I have one!'

2.  Creeping.  Yes, creeping is what Facebook has been made for, but why not let your friends know that you're creeping them.  Hit that little 'like' button, leave a comment, or if you want to be more private, send a little message.  We're called Friends on Facebook for goodness sake, I think that you could share some kind of relationship with me online.  Facebook has even set it up where you don't have to actually say anything, but there's that little 'like' button which lets me know you were interested. 

3.  Creeping, and then sharing that information with others behind your friends' backs.  Have you ever had that situation that someone has read or seen something on your Facebook, and then they've used that information to essentially tattle on you to someone else?  Well I have, and frankly it's really annoying.  Sorry that I haven't managed to tell someone you know to your face what I did last weekend, or that I dyed my hair, or that my husband got a tattoo, or that we bought a new car.  I didn't think that I needed to, but thanks for letting someone know, so that they can come back and question me about it.  Question me as to why THEY weren't informed of adult decisions that we are completely capable of making on our own.  Sorry, didn't think I needed to alert you to these seeming meaningless happenings in our lives the second they happen.  Maybe if you just wait, perhaps until the next time we see you in person, we will let you know our good news.  But in the mean time, please, continue to phish for information through your more Facebook savvy intel.  Oh and intel person, you can let us know that you're sharing this information, ok?  Cause that only seems like the polite thing to do.

4.  If you're going to post rants, statuses, or anything really, please make a little effort to use proper spelling, punctuation, full words and grammar.  Bloggers, this is a shout out to you too!  When we are living in a word of type, creating letters our there for others to read, the decent thing seems to be that we should share these letters in legible, comprehendible formats.  I don't respond well to 'u' and 'r' as real words, because they're not.  Please don't become a generation that has thrown real language and writing out the window.  Our kids are going to be complete idiots if these bad habits continue.

5.  Stop inviting me to the 'Birthdays' app.  If I have my birthday listed on my Facebook profile, get out a calendar and right it down.  Or, I don't know if this has been noticed or not, but Facebook has this little widget in the top right corner that alerts you to people's birthdays.  It's like magic, and it will tell you if today is my birthday.  If it doesn't say that today is my birthday, chances are, it probably isn't.  What a miracle of technology.  This is even more infuriating when I get these invites from A. people who I know don't really care if it's my brithday, or B. close family members.  I mean, how did you remember my birthday 10 years ago, when you didn't have Facebook?

Sorry if you think that I went overboard on my Facebook rant.  Hey, at least I didn't post this rant as my Facebook status today.  Yeah, rants on Facebook can be pretty annoying too.

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