Sept 4: Escape This Life

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? 

Wow.  Three months off my current life?  I don't even know what I would do!  Sometimes I feel like, in other moments of my life, I would have taken them off to live the life I'm currently living.  I really love it!  But for the purpose of this challenge, I'm going to try and think of something different.

If I could escape my current life for three months, I think I'd go somewhere far, still with the beach, and with Josh, but this time to the ocean.  Can I bring friends with me?  I'd paint and draw, just for me, (my etsy can wait), and create huge messes everyday.  I'd have this ginormous studio filled with natural light from windows all around me.  One or two walls would be able to open up like garage doors, to let in the fresh air and breeze off the ocean.  I'd have all the supplies I could ever need, and a huge table to spread out my work on.  Josh would have a wall filled of surfboards, and a giant shelf of yummy smelling surf wax (have you ever smelled surf wax before??? Oh my goodness, it's so great.)  We'd escape into the sea to paddle out into the sunsets, snorkel the coves, and play on the beach.  Ok, I don't feel like I'm changing much of this dream life from my current life, as the foundations are still the same.  Everything would just be a little improved.  

I'd have hair to my butt, full of mermaid colours, and a flower crown on my head.  My closet would be filled with flowy things, bringing out the beach hippy in me.  Wed eat food from our yard, and less from the store.  Actually, we wouldn't go to the store, just to the little market down the road, so we'd ride our bikes instead of driving.  We'd have outdoor BBQs with friends, and just spend the evenings around the fire, sharing life.  Oh, and there would be lots and lots of palm trees.  Yeah, I think I could do that for a dreamy three months.
Photo snagged from Steph, on our trip last winter to Domincan Republic.