Sept 5: A Piece of Advice

Thursday, September 5: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

Some advice that I learned from my mom, when I was going to visit friends, for dinner or the weekend or whatever, was to always bring something, usually food.  I never really understood why, but still I usually followed through with either a call asking if there's anything in particular to bring, or else I'd just grab some chips or make a quick little dessert to share.  As I got older, and more of my friends had their own places, I tried to put this in to practice even more, as I realized that these couples or friends were no longer living at home, and generally had more expenses than me, still at home.  So I definitely wanted to contribute, to offset their costs of hosting me.  Now that I have my own home, and it seems to be host to many days of friends over to visit, I understand why my mom was trying to make this a habit for me.  We've had lots and lots of visitors come to our house over the last year, and the cost of food definitely starts to add up quickly.  Especially when you have guests that stay for a couple days.  I'm not trying to sound like my friends are a burden, or that I hate hosting people, I actually feel the opposite.  But it's so refreshing when someone calls ahead and offers to bring the bacon for our breakfast, or some burgers for dinner.  When I'm constantly feeding beyond Josh and I all the time, it's not always in our budget to do so.  Josh is of another mindset, where he's a total giver, and it doesn't really bother him as much.  I guess because I have the practice engrained in my head, I sometimes hope that friends wouldn't constantly come empty handed.  This past weekend definitely tested me on this way of thinking.  We were expecting three or four people over, so I shopped accordingly.  Then last minute it was four more people, then another two, then five more again!  I was definitely feeling the pressure.  That's a lot of people, a lot of toilet paper, and a lot of dirty dishes.  Thankfully some of my friends pitched in and brought food and drinks, or contributed financially to some of the purchases (KFC for our one year housiversary!).  I don't expect people to bring stuff when they are invited over (I'll even let it slide sometimes when people invite themselves over!), but when it's for a whole weekend, and multiple days are involved, and little help here and there sure is helpful.  And I'll definitely do it when I come visit you too!
If you can snag them before the squirrels, we have free strawberries at our house.  You are welcome to whatever you can find!