Genuine Major

Have you met Natalie?  She blogs over at Genuine Major, loves coffee and makes killer art.  I wish that my mind could assemble scrappy mixed media pieces with the finesse and what-looks-like-speed that she does!  It seems that for every little letter I want to write, she's come up with a whole new art journal looking page that I want to rip out and just stick in my journal, pretending I did it.  I guess I should just invest some time into my pages, and probably pick up a new glue stick.

I suggest you give her a follow if you're into Project Life (I want to be so badly! but I can't see myself printing out enough pictures, let alone taking them!), Starbucks, because she works there and sometimes shares secret recipes that she's made up, or if you like scrappy art.  I want to share the link with you today to one of her tutorials on Image Transfers.  Ok, I lied.  I'm going to share the links to two of the tutorials.  I loooove image transfers.  I had heard of, and used the first kind of transfer she shares, using Gel Medium.  Have you even used Gel Medium?  It's so great.  Buy it.  Use it.  Love it.

First tutorial is the Gel Medium Image Transfer.  Natalie has great step by step instructions on how to create these ghostly images for your art journals, canvases, whatever!  You can see, below, the final result.  Click the image to be sent over to her tutorial, and try it out yourself!
The other tutorial, which I think I'm going to try out for myself right now, is a Packing Tape Image Transfer.   This looks so easy, and bonus, you don't have to wait for anything to dry before getting to work on creating your transfer image!  Click the image below to send you to this tutorial!
I hope you all go check our Natalie.  She seems like a great girl, and I'm enjoying reading all of her posts so much!  Now I just want to hop over to her place and check our her studio space.  Oh the fun I imagine we could have together!

*All images in this post are from Genuine Major, copyright Genuine Major/Natalie Mutrux.