The Intimacy of Friendship

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I was blessed enough to share a beautiful Saturday with some pretty amazing friends.  I just wish that days like these could last longer!  

Our Friendsgiving was spent sharing monsterous amounts of sushi at lunch, followed by a play in the park.  Then we made the trek back home for some homemade chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin pie, butter tarts, and Moose Tracks ice cream.  I seriously think that these kinds of food are the way to people' hearts, because even though we were still stuffed from lunch, everyone downed their desserts.

It's refreshing to have a different kind of Thanksgiving with friends, rather than just the traditional turkey dinner style one we share every year with family.  Not to knock the family and turkey, but sometimes it's just less stressful to be around the family you choose.  The intimacy of friendship that I share with my friends just isn't the same as that with family.  I feel like there's less criticism, better listening, and more laughter.  We can be serious when needed, and get into deeper conversations that I feel like I've ever been able to share with family.  I love my friends in a different kind of way than I do family.  It's totally from God that people like you close friends enter your lives.  How could it not be? 

The relationships built with sincere friends help you through the good times and the bad times, and all the times in between.  They let you cry without feeling awkward, they let you get vulnerable.  I think that's one of the most important parts of a relationship, otherwise it's not genuine.

So this is a post of thanksgiving.  Thanks for the friends that I have in my life, because I wouldn't want to change it for the world.  I'm thankful for the precious 'niece' and 'nephew' that I get to have through these lovelies.  If you can't tell from the photo of Josh with the stroller, we are content living vicariously through these littles, and enjoying just having our little kitty Taco as our only child at the moment.

Oh and a little bonus treat?  This beautiful family below just sold their house, and are moving only half an hour away from Josh and I!  That's a big different for visits, since we used to be 2 hours away!  I'm so looking forward to being more present in their lives, more often.  But I really am going to miss their fully stocked garden and chicken coop.  Those are the best eggs I've ever had, and I just had one of the spaghetti squash I snagged from the garden last night, and it was fantastic!  I can't wait to build another garden with Heather at their new house.  I need to get on that on our house too!