Photo Woes and a Christmas Special!

Today I had a little bit of a rough day.  I was hating EVERYTHING in my shop.  Everything.  I wasn't happy with any of my work (hello woes of an artist), and nothing was making me feel like I should keep going with what I'm doing.  It was possibly some hormonal woman-y thing going on in my body too, making me feel this way, but tears were coming, and there was a definitely lack of motivation, inspiration, and love of my work.

Josh kindly stepped in, trying to comfort in way that only a husband with no understanding of PMS or the like can try to help (hugs and words of encouragement, and then being at a loss of what to really do next).  He helped me set up a bunch of lights to re-shoot some pictures for my listings, but we has missed the right light coming through the windows (whatever kind of natural light you can get on an overcast wintery day), but it just wasn't working.

Finally, we bundled up and headed outside.  It was still a little bit too late in the day, but we managed to grab a couple better shots that I originally had for these pieces.  We're going to do everything again soon, earlier in the day, with better lighting.  In the process of taking these pictures, we managed to brainstorm some even better ideas.  Hopefully the flurries that are in the forecast for the rest of the week cooperate, and give us enough of a dry window (snowflakes landing on my pieces may look cute, but water damage doesn't) so that we can try out the ideas we came up with.

Anyway, if you are living in a box, and haven't realized that Christmas is one month away, hop on over to my shop, ignore all the photos that I hate, and pick up a one-of-a-kind goody for a loved one.  I pour my love into making these pieces for you to enjoy.  Even though I hit ruts creatively sometimes (and technologically thanks to having to use a camera), I still love making these letterforms into beautiful things.  I promise that you'll receive a piece that is even better than they look in the pictures.

These Mumford and Son's quotes are flying of the virtual shelves.  Thanks to the band for being so popular, and for making people love their lyrics.  I love them too, especially when they let me get creative.
For all you lovely readers, I'm offering a promo code for the Christmas season!  Use the code BLOGLOVE13 for 15% off all orders over $5 until Dec. 31st!
*not applicable on custom orders