Refreshing and Renewing, and a Little Lady Lovin'

I've been playing around with my paints, and doodling a couple new ideas for how this little blog should look/function/showcase my work.  I've made a couple changes already, but even more changes are in the works.

Shoutouts to Dana over at The Wonder Forest and I Can Build A Blog for her excellent tutorials and explanations of some little photoshop techniques, as well as some coding.  (I can't believe I'm learning to code!), as well as Sarah from sillygrrl, for help with the automatic signature at the end of new posts, plus layout ideas, and finally Rekita from Her and Nicole, whose tutorials I have just stumbled upon!

Thanks ladies for sharing in the blog building love.  I never thought that I'd be interested in learning any time of graphic/web designy type stuff, but as I see that the possibilities are endless for the designs of your own site when you understand all the behind the scenes stuff, I'm getting totally stoked on it!

ps. Go check out these girls if you are interested in any blogging help.  They are so great!