The Lonely Island Birthday

If you read this blog, you'll know that it was Josh's birthday this past week.  Even though he was able to go out and so his favourite thing on his birthday (surfing), it still is so much more fun to celebrate with friends.  We like having kid parties at our house.  For my birthday, we had a snow day, GTing all day.  For Josh's last birthday, we had a great Peter Pan themed party, because Josh never wants to grow up, and just be a kid for life.  This year, we didn't get any more serious or responsible, but did get a little more adult.  (*that was a warning, letting you know that there might be some 'I get easily offended' reactions to both a couple pictures, and the overuse of profanity in these songs.  We don't take them seriously, they were originally made for the demographic of Saturday Night Live, and you can relax a little, knowing that we aren't cussfaces in our everyday lives.  I'm also not forcing you to scroll down, or listen to any of the songs in the links below)

This year's theme was The Lonely Island.  If you haven't seen one of their videos, or heard one of their songs, I'm sorry, but I think that you've been living under a rock.  Andy Samberg and crew regularly would have Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live.  Sometimes bigger stars such as Justin Timberlake (many times), Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman and Michael Bolton and many more would accompany them on their songs (click names to see some of their fine works with the Lonely Island boys).

We all dressed up as some of our favourites.
Josh was the "Normal Guy"
Chris was "Guy Number Two" from "We Like Sportz"
Steph was "Rihanna" in "Ronnie and Clyde"
Josh was "Dick in a Box" (no indecent exposure, just pure dick-ness, while in a box)
Kathryn was "The Boss" from "Like a Boss"
Kevin quoted "F-ck Land" from "I'm On A Boat"
I was the "Mermaid" whom T-Pain has his way with in "I'm On A Boat"
Darren was just TOO good as "The Creep"

I was pretty pumped that everyone dressed up.  (We're just missing Rob as Natalie Portman from "Natalie's Rap"...his photo didn't turn out badass enough).  We listened to The Lonely Island all night, ate copious amounts of yummy foods, laughed too much, and enjoyed the unusually warm weather.  The evening ended with a huge bonfire and a couple of rounds of Head's Up (seriously, best bonfire game ever, thanks Ellen DeGeneres).  Download that game immediately.  It's so great.

Now we need to come up with another idea for next year's birthdays!  Do you guys have any ideas?  We like dressing up, being a little ridiculous, and having lots of fun.

Here's a little fishy lady for good measure.