It's cool again to be Square

Hey there team!
So I've decided to make the jump away from Blogger, and head over to Squarespace.  I've done this for many reasons, and with a little encouragement by my brother in law, who currently uses it for his own business (The Entrance Collective), I've made the switch.  Now I can have everything in one easy place, including my shop, services for both wedding and other custom work, a little bit of a blog, and all in an easier to navigate (especially on my end!) page.

If you follow me on something like Bloglovin, you can find me using this link HERE.  My website will still be, and I'll still be keeping my etsy shoppe alive and running, but will also be selling directly through my own site too (I'm very excited!)

So if you want to keep up with me, please head over to!